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Research & Development Center RCC Ltd. offers services in the field of:

  • analysis and chemical research,
  • photobiological safety, in accordance with the PN-EN 62471: 2010 standard,
  • design of prototypes for the electronics industry,
  • 3D prints,
  • design of electronic circuits,

  • PCB production (Printed Circuit Board) and FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board).

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Control of the accordance with the RoHS directive

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Research of substances covered by the REACH system


of effective implementations


Timely implementations


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“RCC as a research and development center offers support in relation to ensuring the quality of offered consumption products by producers, distributors and suppliers.”
Marcin Góra, President of the board

We use equipment from:

Take care of the safety of the offered products

Take advantage of our services in the field of product accordance control with the RoHS directive, photobiological safety of light sources, ecodesing directive and preliminary EMC tests.

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