Research & Development Center RCC Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with the EEN Center (ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK) in Rzeszów (link:

Under the agreement, the parties agreed to cooperate in the broadly understood area of conformity assessment of products and CE marking.

Therefore, to meet the needs of entrepreneurs from the Podkarpacie Region, the cooperation of the Enterprise Europe Network and the Research and Development Center RCC Ltd., will allow to fully develop the potential and abilities of small and medium enterprises, and thus will give the opportunity to increase their competitiveness, as well as trade and service exchange, on the local, regional and international market.

The aim and subject of cooperation between the Research and Development Center RCC Ltd. and the Enterprise Europe Europe Center at the University of Information Technology and Management with headquarters in Rzeszów is:

  1. cooperation in the field of business support with specialist knowledge in the field of:
  • testing of substances covered by the REACH system (chemical substances), including: registration of REACH, advisory services, research, audits, verification of the existing process of ensuring compliance with REACH;
  • RoHS compliance checks: analytical testing, product certification service, material / raw material evaluation;
  • photobiological safety of light sources;
  • designing new products and technologies;
  • consulting services: declarations of product compliance, long-term supplier’s declarations, product labels, Quality Management System;
  1. cooperation in the implementation of information and advisory meetings (open and dedicated seminars, workshops, conferences) for entrepreneurs;
  2. cooperation in the implementation of promotional activities related to the Enterprise Europe Network project, the contractor of which is the College of Information Technology and Management based in Rzeszów.

The first stage of cooperation is the seminar “CE MARKING FOR ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES, INCLUDING THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE ROHS II DIRECTIVE”, to be held in Rzeszów on June 19, 2018.  More about the seminar in the link.