RCC offer – research center

RCC research centre offers services in the area of:

  • chemical analysis and research, including a comprehensive study under RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU,

  • photobiological safety, PN-EN 62471:2010,

  • preliminary EMC tests,
  • testing of power supplies with respect to compliance with the Erp Directive,
  • training, RoHS-related webinars, LVD,

  • consultations related to the correctness of the CE declaration of conformity, instructions, packaging labels, reports.

which will check if the products you offer are compliant with applicable regulations and do not threaten yours potential customers.

Our knowledge and technical facilities will allow to evaluate products in terms of compliance with legal provisions, standards, certificates and requirements of non-govemmental organizations.


For our tests you can subbmit:

  • large household appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, air conditioners,

  • small household appliances: vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, coffee makers, irons,

  • computer and telecommunications equipment: computers, printers, copiers, telephones,

  • consumer electronics: televisions, DVD players, stereo devices and video cameras,

  • lighting: lamps, lighting fixtures, light bulbs,

  • power tools: drills, saws, nail guns, sprayers, lathes, trimmers, blowers,

  • toys and sports equipment: video games, electric trains, treadmills,

  • medical devices and equipment,

  • monitoring and monitoring devices (in accordance with RoHS 2),

  • automatic distributors: vending machines, ATMs,

  • all other electronic and electric devices (EEE) not covered by other categories,

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Control of compliance with the RoHS directive

Consulting services

Research & Development Center RCC Ltd. provides services in the field of correctness assessment:

  • product conformity declarations,
  • declaration of long-term suppliers,
  • product labels,
  • Quality Management Systems.
Consulting Services

Take care of the safety of the offered products

Take advantage of our services in the field of analysis and chemical research as well as photobiological safety.