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Research and Development Center RCC Ltd. specializes in the assessment of correctness:

  • the declaration of conformity of products
  • long-term supplier’s declarations,
  • product labels,
  • Quality Management System.
The RCC research and development center team
RCC consulting services document verification. Declaration of conformity of products

Declaration of conformity of products

Declaration of conformity of products – is a document obligatorily issued, in accordance with applicable law, by each manufacturer. This document is a binding statement from the manufacturer that the products manufactured by him comply with the requirements of applicable EU directives.

Our team will not only help you create such a document, but also assess the correctness of those that you currently use.

Long-term supplier’s declaration

Long-term supplier’s declaration – this is a document granting exporters the right to a simplified way of documenting the origin of goods in order to apply specific provisions concerning trade on preferential terms between the European Union and certain countries.
It may be issued for a period not longer than two years from the date of its creation. Thanks to the use of this form of declaration, a supplier regularly sending his products to a specific exporter with a preferential origin status is not obliged to issue a delivery declaration each time, which is a great simplification.
As regards the long-term supplier’s declaration, we offer you both an assessment of the correctness of such declarations as well as assistance in its creation.

Long-term supplier's declaration
Checking the product label

Product label

The product label for each consumer is the basic source of knowledge about a particular product and has a huge impact on the decision to buy. That is why, in order to protect consumer rights, it should contain reliable information about the product. You should also be aware that this label is always subject to official control.

In order to meet your expectations Research and Development Center RCC Ltd. offers help in creating, as well as evaluating the correctness of information on the label currently used in your company for compliance with European Union regulations and national regulations.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems – our Center offers you comprehensive consulting and implementation assistance in the area of ISO 9001 quality management system as well as audits and activities aimed at improving quality management systems in your company. In addition, we can offer training in quality management systems, one-off consultations and technical consultancy.

Quality management system