Designing new products and technologies

Research and Development Center RCC Ltd. in addition to comprehensive research in the fields of: RoHS, REACH, LVD, EMC and photobiology, it offers design services in the field of electronics.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of LED technology, power systems, control and control allows us to carry out product designs that are characterized by modernity, attractive design and innovation.

Electronics projects are made to individual orders of both companies and individual clients.

We develop device designs and make prototypes that meet the assumptions given by the customer.

electronics design
electronics design

Our services provided at RCC Ltd. include:

  • design of electronic circuits covering the idea, scheme, design of the printed circuit (PCB) with production documentation, execution and launch of the prototype,

  • mechanical solutions of electronic designs with the implementation of documentation

  • 3D prints of mechanical elements of electronics,

  • 8/16/32 bit microprocessor software used in projects,

  • measurements of electrical and photometric parameters of devices,

  • research in the field of certification and device approval,

  • optimization of existing electronic devices.

Fuel Cells

In the products being developed by the RCC Development Center, fuel cells are also used, whose unquestionable advantage is the high efficiency of electricity generation. Emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX), mesh dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) are low in relation to technologies using conventional fuels.

Fuel cells are characterized by the lack of moving parts (thanks to which the device works quietly and without vibrations), low cost of operation, high level of reliability during working time up to 10.000 hours (about 416 days).

hydrogen cells in the laboratory