Measurements of illuminance

Research and Development Center RCC Ltd. in Bytom performs lighting measurements. Tests are performed for:

  • general lighting,
  • lighting of workplaces,
  • emergency lighting.

The measurements are performed with a modern calibrated device, maintaining high reliability and repeatability of the obtained results.

Pomiar natężenia oświetlenia
Pomiar natężenia oświetlenia w hali produkcyjnej i magazynie

Measurement and testing of lighting parameters

Lighting is qualified to the category of the physical working environment factors. Incorrect lighting is a great discomfort for the user, reducing the efficiency of work, and also significantly increasing the number of mistakes made due to the failure to observe the details of the activities performed. Lack of proper lighting causes faster fatigue, distraction, headaches and eyes. Similar symptoms cause too much lighting. Measurements and testing of lighting parameters are carried out on the basis of an appropriate, binding Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general health and safety at work regulations.
Parameters that should be met by lighting in particular places of the workplace, school, places of residence and public utility are specified in the following standards:

  • measurement of the intensity of electric lighting in the indoor environment PN-EN 12464-1: 2012,
  • measurement of the intensity of electric lighting in the indoor environment PN-EN 12464-1: 2012,
  • measurement of emergency lighting intensity inside rooms PN-EN 1838: 2013-11.

During measurements, not only the intensity of lighting in individual locations is determined, but also the uniformity of this lighting, the index (coefficient) of color rendering, and the indicator of glare limitation (UGR).
Report on measurements of lighting parameters at workplaces is the only confirmation of compliance of lighting with Polish Standards. The National Labor Inspectorate often requires the presentation of such a document during inspections. We have valid permissions in the field of supervision to perform control and measurement work on electrical measuring devices that allow you to sign test protocols.

Lighting measurements – price list

No. Service Net price
1 Measurement of the workplace lighting (up to 5 measuring points per station) 65 PLN
2 Measurement of general lighting in office rooms and similar od 45  PLN do 85 PLN
3 General lighting measurement conference room od 45 PLN do 100 PLN
4 Measurement of the general lighting of the school classroom (including the measurement of the table) 80 PLN
5 Measurement of the general lighting of the gymnasium 120 PLN
6 Measurement of general lighting of communication routes (corridor stairs) od 80 PLN do 200 PLN
7 Measurement of emergency lighting in rooms 10 PLN za punkt
8 Measurement of emergency lighting of communication and escape routes 10 PLN za punkt
9 Measurement of general lighting in production / storage halls depending on the size of the room

The price of measurements includes the publication of a test report (measurement documentation).
These values are net prices, which do not include 23% VAT.
The charge for the access of the measuring team is calculated individually and depends on the distance to the client.